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C&L Instruments manufactures incubation and perfusion chambers for cell biology.  These chambers are ideal for study of cells and tissues under incubation conditions or on a microscope stage.  Many are designed for incubation of cells in a controlled shear stress environment.  These chambers are also ideal for TIRF (Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence), since the bottom surface is composed of the coverslip or slide.
 We also manufacture several accessories for cuvette-based fluorometers. 

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Featured Products 

Model RPC-TW
Flow chamber with 100 Ám flow
 channel composed of two coverslips

Model RPC-1x3
Laminar flow chamber for 1x3 inch microscope slide
TOP and BOTTOM view

Model LFR-25
Laminar flow chamber for a 25 mm coverslip
TOP and BOTTOM view

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Please browse our web site and review our products.  Do not hesitate to contact us!   We would be pleased to help you solve your application needs.

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